Home Bookkeeping

Home Bookkeeping

This tool helps the user to systematize and manage financial records
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Home Bookkeeping is a smart tool that helps the user to systematize and manage financial records more efficiently; inculcating some good habits like money saving, sensible spending, organizing daily budgets, and proper financial planning.

It is a comprehensive financial advisor that provides a faster and safer way to record and manage all financial transactions with ease. The program is available in two versions: one for PC (the one reviewed here) and another for Pocket PC. Home Bookkeeping offers full synchronization support to exchange data between both versions.

With an extensive list of features, the tool allows the user to create an unlimited number of accounts, manage income and debit accounts, keep a record of all the expenses, proper budget planning, create detailed income/expenses reports, etc. The tool always keeps users aware of their financial status by providing up-to-date information of the state of their budget, and with the help of pop-up windows to remind users on scheduled money transactions. Besides, they can also make use of the different diagrams, histograms, reports, etc., to have a more accurate idea of their financial state. Finally, users can delete unwanted details using the ‘Database Clearing’ option, keep records in various currencies, download currency rates from the Internet, export data into files in multiple formats, and many more.

Furthermore, multiple users can use this tool, each of them logging in with their own name and securing their financial details with a password.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Doesn't require accounting knowledge
  • Multiple user can log in
  • Exchange data between Home Bookkeeping for PC and Home Bookkeeping for PPC
  • Secure financial details with a password
  • Gives useful tips


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